• Hydrogen energy

    JSC Gazpromneft MZSM Overseas commit to cooperating in hydrogen energy and in decarbonising industry
  • We establish a new joint venture

    JSC Gazpromneft MZSM and Lukoil will become partners in the development of a large oil and gas cluster
  • "Green" fuel for aviation

    JSC Gazpromneft MZSM and Aeroflot join forces to develop “green” aviation fuel
  • Oil Refining Companies

    JSC Gazpromneft MZSM successfully implements and applies the state-of-the-art technologies and latest developments.

JSC Gazpromneft MZSM is the Russian oil and gas market's technological leader.

For commercial and retail clients, we produce high-quality fuels, oils, and bitumen, refuel flights, and build a network of filling stations. We can continuously enhance operational efficiency while lowering our environmental impact thanks to new technologies.

Our Services

Gas Production

JSC Gazpromneft MZSM gives special attention to its operating activity in the fields of gas production and transportation, as well as the growth of its processing volume and electricity.

Oil Production

One of the Company’s strategic goals is to strengthen and increase its resource base. The solid resource base ensures the continuity of production activities .

Exploration Activities

Even with traditional resources, finding new oil reservoirs is a difficult and expensive task. When working in uncharted, difficult-to-reach areas, exploration and mistake expenses skyrocket.

Oil Refining

Catalysts are used in every step of the secondary oil refining process. JSC Gazpromneft MZSM is the only oil firm in the CIS that produces catalytic cracking catalysts in its own factory.


JSC Gazpromneft MZSM sells crude oil, gas, and petroleum products in local and international markets, ensuring that flows are distributed optimally to meet market demand.

Offshore Services

Offshore projects are a strategic line of business for JSC Gazpromneft MZSM. The development of the Russian shelf is also aided by JSC Gazpromneft MZSM.

Sustainable Development

JSC Gazpromneft MZSM has a significant impact on the social and economic development of the communities in which it operates.

The «Home Towns» social investment programme

Wherever the company operates, it takes an integrated and consistent approach to establishing an environment that encourages local development.

Employee development and support

The organization is dedicated to improving its professional development programs and employee benefits packages on a continuous basis, as well as supporting employees

Protecting the environment

The efficient use of natural resources, and a responsible attitude to the environment, form an important part of JSC Gazpromneft MZSM philosophy