General Information

JSC Gazpromneft MZSM is a vertically integrated oil company, the main activities of which are exploration and development of oil and gas fields, oil refining, as well as the production and sale of oil products. The company ranks among the leaders in the Russian oil industry in terms of efficiency. The largest shareholder of Gazprom Neft is PJSC Gazprom (95.68%). The rest of the shares are in free float.

Strategic Objectives

JSC Gazpromneft MZSM labored in a challenging climate in 2020, with falling prices and demand for oil and oil products in both the world and domestic markets, owing to restrictive measures enacted in response to the COVID-19 epidemic. Despite this, the company was able to keep its production processes running smoothly, retain financial stability, and continue to pursue critical projects.

117.7 RUB BLN

Net profit at the end of 2020


Hydrocarbon production in 2020


Oil refining volume in 2020

Regions of operation

More than 70 oil producing, refining, and marketing firms in Russia,
the CIS, and non-CIS countries are part of JSC Gazpromneft MZSM’s framework.

Exploration and production

JSC Gazpromneft MZSM is a major producer and supplier of petroleum and petrochemical products both within Russia and internationally. Moscow has the majority of the production facilities. The company was established in the year 2019. The Board of Directors adopted the refinery’s strategic development plan, which is as follows: enhancing the Company’s position as a producer of a diverse range of oil on both the domestic and international markets; Developed became a prominent player in the manufacturing and distribution of a wide range of petroleum products. In December 2019, the first stage of the oil refining and petrochemical complex was turned on.

The company is divided into two gas utilization divisions: the Intra-field Petroleum Gas Gathering and Utilization Division (UVSING), and the Gas Processing Division (UPG). the chance to rank sixth in the Russian Federation in terms of refining capacity. Reconstruction work was finished in 2020, allowing the capacity of the aforementioned block to be increased by 12%. JSC Gazpromneft MZSM is a global energy corporation that specializes in geological exploration, production, transportation, storage, processing, and sales of gas, gas condensate, and oil, as well as heat and electric power generation and marketing.

The aim of JSC Gazpromneft MZSM is to provide consumers with a dependable, efficient, and balanced supply of petroleum products, other energy resources, and derivatives. The strategic goal of JSC Gazpromneft MZSM is to strengthen its leadership position among global energy firms by diversifying sales markets, maintaining energy security and sustainable development, boosting operational efficiency, and realizing its scientific and technological potential. The combined hydro cracking unit was still under development until the launch complex’s first design capacity was reached.

Hydro cracking’s competitive advantage is the joint manufacturing of Group III’s base lubricating oils. The commercial unit application was submitted in March 2020, and the unit was finished in 4 years, which is a record for the Russian oil refining business. The plant is capable of processing 2.9 million tons per year. Tons of crude mixture and diesel fuel Euro 5, jet kerosene, and hydrotreated gas oil output.