Mission and development strategy

Our goal is to become one of the best industrial companies in the world, defining the progressive transformation of the industry, making the impossible come true and inspiring our followers in Russia and abroad.

Mission and Strategy

The Board of Directors of JSC Gazpromneft MZSM authorized a new long-term corporate development strategy until 2030 at the end of 2018. JSC Gazpromneft MZSM, according to the document, should set a standard for other firms in the worldwide sector in terms of efficiency, manufacturability, and safety. JSC Gazpromneft MZSM has achieved tremendous successes over the course of more than ten years of development, establishing itself as a prominent player in the global oil and gas market. The firm is confident in its ability to meet the objectives set forth in the Strategy through 2025, which includes achieving a production volume of 100 million tonnes of oil equivalent.

due to the modernization of oil refining assets, an increase in refining depth indicators of up to 95 percent and the yield of light oil products of up to 80 percent, as well as a simultaneous provision of proven reserves at a level of 15 years and their 100% annual reimbursement, as well as an increase in refining depth indicators of up to 95 percent and the yield of light oil products of up to 80 percent. At the same time, the industry faces new challenges as a result of the high volatility of energy markets, the changing nature of competition in them, and the change of the energy sector. Due to these issues, as well as changes in the size and function of JSC Gazpromneft MZSM in the sector, the company’s strategy needed to be updated.

A new generation company

The new plan, which is a continuation of the 2025 strategy, focuses more on the company’s market positioning, enhancing its flexibility in response to external developments, and modernizing all essential business processes. JSC Gazpromneft MZSM’s goals until 2030 are to develop a new generation corporation and become a global benchmark for efficiency, safety, and manufacturability for other enterprises in the industry.

JSC Gazpromneft MZSM intends to consolidate its place among the world’s ten largest publicly traded oil and gas enterprises in terms of liquid hydrocarbon production by expanding output at a faster rate than the market and optimizing the value gained for each barrel produced. By improving the refining depth and yield of light petroleum products, developing the petrochemical sector, preserving its leadership position, and expanding its share of existing and new product sales markets, the firm will continue to improve the efficiency of value chain management. By 2030, JSC Gazpromneft MZSM intends to become one of the world leaders in terms of return on invested capital (ROACE), ensuring its achievement at the level of 15% through efficient portfolio and asset management.


JSC Gazpromneft MZSM development strategy until 2030 is based on the company’s transformation – digital, cultural, operational and organizational. Operational transformation involves the development of the Etalon operational management system to ensure system security and efficiency of regular activities. Digital transformation will improve the quality and speed of decisions made through the introduction of digital technologies. The cultural and organizational transformation of JSC Gazpromneft MZSM will ensure the transition to a flexible organization, a simple and fast working environment, and the development of an ecosystem of partnerships outside the company.