Environment Management

Gazprom Neft’s approach to environmental management is based on an understanding of the company’s potential impact on the environment. Analysis of the level of impact of production activities is mandatory when making management and investment decisions.

Management principles

JSC Gazpromneft MZSM’s environmental management system has been certified to meet the international standard ISO 14001: 2015. The Company’s environmental safety is ensured by a risk-based approach that is integrated into all business activities. Environmental monitoring and industrial environmental control are provided by JSC Gazpromneft MZSM on a continuous basis. The amount of environmental impact of production activities is assessed at all stages of the process and is required when making management and investment decisions.

JSC Gazpromneft MZSM conducts a thorough assessment of the impact of planned and current production activities on the environment, taking into account all the factors of its impact on ecosystems, as well as taking into account the specifics of these systems. Based on the assessment results, the best available technologies are introduced at all stages of the project, aimed at minimizing the negative impact.


Invested in environmental protection


Cleaning of environmental

Interaction with stakeholders

JSC Gazpromneft MZSM is an active participant in the process of improving environmental legislation. The company’s specialists are actively involved in the discussion of almost the entire spectrum of draft laws in this area. When developing new projects, within the framework of the State Environmental Expertise, the company holds public hearings, during which it informs the interested parties about the possible impact of the planned activity on the environment, provides access to documents.

International and national environmental projects are supported by the corporation. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Gazprom Neft and WWF Russia to build a dialogue with stakeholders on environmental issues. In addition, the corporation joined Rosprirodnadzor’s Scientific and Technical Council as a platform for addressing the most pressing issues related to guaranteeing the environmental safety of oil and gas facilities.

The company holds public consultations when developing projects, during which all stakeholders are informed of potential environmental impacts of planned activities, and given access to documents. The development of new nature protection programmed, and the introduction of new environmentally-friendly technologies (“eco-technologies”) are undertaken with the involvement of scientific and research institutions. Programmed to preserve biological diversity, in particular, are being developed in conjunction with the A.N. Severity Institute of Ecology and Evolution (RAS).