Transport Safety

The transport segment of JSC Gazpromneft MZSM is large-scale. The company pays special attention to preventing threats related to transport accidents.

Transport Safety

The company has adopted a systematic approach to road safety management. It takes into account many factors related to drivers, vehicles, road infrastructure. At the same time, the new approach involves the introduction of barrier logic to prevent road accidents.

Vehicle monitoring system

As part of the development of the road safety management system, JSC Gazpromneft MZSM is actively introducing digital control tools. One of them is an electronic analytical vehicle monitoring system (AMS). JSC Gazpromneft MZSM vehicles, as well as vehicles of contractors, are equipped with on-board monitoring systems that integrate with the AGR and transmit the necessary information for analytics and reporting. The work and rest regime of drivers, excess of the permissible speed, sharp acceleration and braking are under control. Based on the analysis of driving indicators, a rating of drivers is formed.

Defensive driving as a barrier

Drivers of JSC Gazpromneft MZSM and contractors undergo additional specialized training in the theoretical and practical course “Protective / winter driving and driving in difficult conditions.” This teaches drivers to correctly predict the situation on the road, make timely decisions that avoid danger and prevent an emergency situation.

Air safety

To ensure a systematic approach to air transportation, in 2020 JSC Gazpromneft MZSM established a unified air transportation center. His tasks include defining a strategy, shaping a methodology, and conducting a safety audit across all company assets. The company switched to a centralized organization of air transportation of personnel to the fields, including employees of contractors. JSC Gazpromneft MZSM abandoned the operation of Mi-8T helicopters with a thrust deficit and switched to more modern Mi-8MTV helicopters. At the same time, the requirements for the experience of the pilots were increased. All crews undergo additional training on a special mobile complex simulator.

The company develops the infrastructure for helicopter transportation. In 2020, JSC Gazpromneft MZSM put into operation the modern Arctic heliport in the Varandey shift camp. It serves personnel working on the Prirazlomnaya platform in the Barents Sea. Today it is one of the most modern heliports in the Arctic Circle.

And at sea

To reduce the likelihood of incidents at sea, JSC Gazpromneft MZSM has implemented the Marine Operations Safety Management System (MSMS). It is based on the requirements of more than 100 international rules, resolutions, federal laws and industry recommendations in the field of safety, protection of human life and the environment when using maritime transport. In 2020, the SC MO passed the examination of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and received an opinion on compliance with national and international requirements. To ensure the functioning of the MOMS, a separate competence center has been created in the company – the Maritime Safety Service.